Company Overview

Differentiation Strategy

By having a vertically integrated supply chain and delivery capability as well as an in depth understanding of the end users, these being Tenants, Lessees or Landlords typically, we are able to tailor solutions that not only meet the client’s technical requirements optimally but also make the technology understandable, accessible and affordable to them. In addition to the outright purchase option of a system (ORP), affordability options are provided via TRRC’s fully or partly funded solutions where needed.They include Rent to Own (RtO), lease or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) structured deals options.All solutions includes remote monitoring and Operational and Maintenance (O & M) contracts.


Mr. Jason Wise is the lead Technical Director:

Jason has an expansive track record in the design and delivery of renewable solutions to clients is SA and Sub-Saharan Africa. Leveraging this knowledge, and having secured preferential procurement channels, Jason will be responsible for the Design, Pricing, Procurement, Delivery and Performance of the systems together with ongoing Operations and Maintenance Contracts.These systems being procured through our partnership with Giga Watt Hour (GWH) or direct by TRRC via its preferential and strategic alliance supply chain network.

Mr. Warrick Fulford is the lead Commercial Director:

He is directly involved in the property development and property management sector, with a wealth of experience in the financial packaging of long term development deals, and so positioned to understand the requirements of the clientele intricately, and assisting in tailoring these solutions to such needs and constraints.

Our strength lies in our ability to:

  • Firstly understand and then Inform and educate our Clients so that they optimally determine their technical requirements for their need, including due consideration given to a client’s specific financial and technical resource constraints, if required.
  • Package and offer, and where relevant add fully funded term deal solutions to make the systems easily accessible and affordable, given a client’s specific commercial and financial circumstances and objectives.
  • Demystify and explain the technical solution, cost and benefits of the options applicable in simple terms, and take the hassle out of the implementation and running of such systems, allowing the client to focus on and enjoy the benefits of the systems with minimal admin.
  • Save our clients’ money, while also delivering cost certainty and reliable energy solutions to their premises. Our Rent to Own / Lease or PPA deals structures deliver either near cash flow neutral solutions; accelerated ownership or installment terms, making the systems highly affordable. Such allowing the client to comfortably structure a solution that works for them most cost effectively and affordably.

Current primary markets & clients

  • Residential Sector (Solar and Hot Water solutions across estates and sectional title developments as well as individual premises), including estate based internal power sharing solutions.
  • Retail and Motor sector – Both Landlords and major tenants on a regional and national basis
  • Office buildings – Landlord and tenant market
  • Industrial sector – Distribution centres, manufacturing, wholesalers
  • Mining Sector
  • Farming Sector
  • Smart City applications across major mixed use developments
  • Filling Stations – Operator and Developer/Landlord solutions
  • Government Buildings and facilities, whether let or owned by government.
  • Medical Sector – Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities including rural applications
  • Certain recreational applications – EG Gyms
  • Tourism Sector – especially hotels, lodges and rural sites
  • Sub-Saharan Africa – multiple client applications across numerous sectors and needs

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